Babylon Podcast #273: The Centauri Prime Trilogy

Deep Geeking: Legions of Fire, The Centauri Prime trilogy written by Peter David, is the topic for this episode, and the crew on hand really digs in.

The books in order are “The Long Night of Centauri Prime”, “Armies of Light and Dark”, and “Out of the Darkness” (the third book is out of print, but not quite as hard to find as it had been in previous years). This was the second of the Babylon 5 trilogies that are considered canon.

Tim feels this is the weakest of the trilogies, while Joe feels it’s stronger than most people give it credit for, and one of the strongest franchise series he’s ever read. Discuss amongst yourselves!

Babylon Podcast #270: To Dream in the City of Sorrows

Deep Geeking: To Dream in the City of Sorrows is Book #9 in the original series of novels, and one of the two from that series that have been acknowledged as canon.

Talk about the book ranges from the cover art, the story arcs for Sinclair, Marcus, Catherine and Neroon, the accuracy of the character “voices”, the nagging feeling that this book’s pacing was too fast, and very likely could have been a much better book if it had been allowed to be longer, and more.

And go watch H+ the Digital Series; Summer is impressed and doesn’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s the first web series she’s seen since Dr Horrible that she’s planning on buying on DVD even before knowing if one will ever be available.

Babylon Podcast #269: Chatting about Babylon 5 Novels, #1-6, 8

Deep Geeking: Discussions begin with the Babylon 5 novels… the books, the books, the books! Where to begin with the commentary and the criticism?

Much of the dissatisfaction that we feel with these books likely comes from a combination of the main characters authentic voices being slightly off, plus the impression that the events of the books didn’t matter, that they fell into the trap of hitting the “reset” button after the end of the “episode”, which is one of the things that we loved about Babylon 5 that the various Star Trek series couldn’t adhere to most of the time.

editor’s note: And yes, Summer made an error, the novelization that JMS rejected way back when was the one for “River of Souls”, not for “Thirdspace”

Babylon Podcast #268: The Parliament of Dreams Essay Collection

Deep Geeking: And so it begins… the last leg of the Babylon Podcast journey starts with us talking about one of the rarest books in the Babylon 5 realm, and a very interesting collection of thoughts, opinions and examinations about the the show we all love. Who knew that “Fasten, Zip” was really a metaphor for the paradox of time travel?

We also talk about how many essays that were presented at the conference that weren’t published in this collection, and Summer’s new obsession quite well be to contact the academics who wrote those and find out if it’s possible to get those papers online.

Babylon Podcast #267: Feedbackapalooza, Guest Cast Edition pt 2

Feedback: Tim, Jeremy and special guest Michael Dymond (Stormknight) tackle the second batch of voicemails, and it’s 100% Neil from Bowie, because that’s how we have to handle it whenever he gets on a roll.

Are there official blueprints and cutaways for Babylon 5?

Babylon Podcast #265: Babylon 5 Comics: In Valen’s Name

We celebrate the news that Walter Koenig will finally be receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the ceremony will be held September 10, 2012. While he’s the last of the original Star Trek cast to get a star, he is the second Babylon 5 cast member to have a star… and curious fans want to know if his star will have a Federation emblem or a Psi Corps emblem on it?

Deep Geeking: Tim, Jeremy and guest Neil from Bowie discuss the DC Comics miniseries “In Valen’s Name”.

Babylon Podcast #264: Babylon 5 Comics Review

Deep Geeking: This week, both Gary from Jacksonville and Neil from Bowie join Summer and Jeremy to discuss the initial 11-issue run of Babylon 5 comics, published originally by DC Comics, and later collected into graphic novel collections by Titan Books and by DC.

Babylon Podcast #263: Overview of Babylon 5 Comics and other Collectibles

Discussion: Tim, Summer, Jeremy and guest Gary from Jacksonville discuss the plan for talking about the Babylon 5 comics published by DC Comics and by Titan Books. Many issues surrounded the actual creation, writing and publication of the series, and Gary gives us a little bit of that wacky history.

Babylon Podcast #242: Rules of the Game (Crusade)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer get Marjean’s thoughts on “Rules of the Game”, particularly the development of the relationship between Dr Chambers and Max Eilerson, discovering what and who Max cares about, and of course, Dr Chambers’ impeccable fashion sense and combat timing.

And yes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Once her new project, Three Moon Rising, is ready, we’ll be talking with her again about it over at Slice of SciFi!

Babylon Podcast #219: Racing the Night (Crusade)

Tim and Summer are joined by The Jason Davis to talk about the adventure that was the records excavation that became the new volume “Artifacts from Beyond the Rim”.

Deep Geeking: The year we really did finally make it to Crusade.

Going by the revised broadcast order, our first Crusade episode to geek on is “Racing the Night”, and Jason joins us for the analysis.

Babylon Podcast #210: Listener Commentary

Tim, Bret and Gary dive into the first batch of voicemails discussing the “Babylon 5 Topics” series, addressing listener perspectives and opinions on those very topics, and theories we didn’t fully discuss.

Babylon Podcast #209: What Might Have Been, Part 2

Last week, our heroes risked breaching the fabric of the space-time continuum by trying to follow alternate Babylon 5 storylines to parallel universes where they might have been fully played out…

Discussion: Tim, Summer and Bret continue the discussion about alternate story possibilities within the original 5-year arc.