Babylon Podcast #51: Soul Mates (Season 2)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer (along with studio guests Brian and the other Tim) move ahead with episode analysis from Season 2 with “Soul Mates”, one of the better episodes of Season 2, rife with intrigue, hidden agendas and sly humor.

Babylon Podcast #45: Interview with Kim Holly, Costume Supervisor

Interview: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey welcome Kim Holly, costume supervisor for the entire series save “The Gathering”. Kim’s work was pivotal in making the look of the uniforms and costumes match up with the creative visions of JMS and Anne Bruice, as well as making them fit all the cast comfortably and colorfully.

Babylon Podcast #43: The Geometry of Shadows (Season 2)

Deep Geeking: It’s been a while, but we’re getting back into episode discussion! Tim and Summer delve into “The Geometry of Shadows”, the first of many WHAM episodes to hit us in Season 2.