Babylon Podcast #226: Visitors from Down the Street (Crusade)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Bret chat about “Visitors from Down the Street”, an episode filled with snark and more than wink and nod towards The X-Files.

Time has changed Tim’s perception of this episode, and now Bret wishes he’d done his homework and watched it!

And where do captains of deep space exploration vessels get their supply of Hawaiian shirts? Inquiring minds want to know…

Babylon Podcast #121: Discussing the JMS Announcement

Discussion: We’ve already reposted JMS’ comments on moving forward with more Babylon 5, and the fan reactions are still flying all over the Internet. So Summer, Jeffrey, Gary, Michael and Brad discuss, in great detail and depth, with occassional comment from the chat room.

Babylon Podcast #112: Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer contemplate the mysteries and metaphors in “Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?” For a long time… this is a good one.

Babylon Podcast #111: Feedbackapalooza

Listener Feedback: Feedbackapalooza! It’s a word that’s sticking now.

Mick comments on the baseball talk in both Babylon 5 and Star Trek: in B5, baseball is still alive, and in Star Trek the sport is long dead, but in DS9 baseball is back and strong. How’d that happen?

Babylon Podcast #103: Walkabout (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: Edmund joins Tim and Summer for episode geeking this week, covering “Walkabout”, a bridge episode that packs a lot of punch in some areas and that seems to fall off pace in others (in Summer’s opinion, anyway).

We see Dr Franklin, hanging around in Down-Below, searching for something, but not quite sure yet. What he finds for a time could be a reflection of his own situation, or something else entirely.