Babylon Podcast SE #10: Jeffrey Willerth Remembers Michael O’Hare

As heard in the previous episode, this is the video Jeffrey Willerth made in honor of the passing of Michael O’Hare.

Babylon Podcast SE #9: Absent Friends, In Memory Still Bright

In quick succession, the Babylon 5 universe lost two of its stars at the end of September, Michael O’Hare and Turhan Bey.

We take a moment to remember them, and their all too brief moments here with us and on Babylon 5.

Babylon Podcast #277: Babylon 5 Collectibles

Discussion: Oh, the humanity! Even with Warner Bros being inconsistent with licensing terms, pulling licenses before items were completed or in some cases, had even gotten off the drawing boards, there’s still a LOT of stuff out there for a dedicated Babylon 5 fan to search for and immerse themselves in.

Michael O’Hare: In Memory Still Bright

It is with heavy hearts that we relay jms’ message about the passing of Michael O’Hare (1952-2012)

Babylon Podcast #273: The Centauri Prime Trilogy

Deep Geeking: Legions of Fire, The Centauri Prime trilogy written by Peter David, is the topic for this episode, and the crew on hand really digs in.

The books in order are “The Long Night of Centauri Prime”, “Armies of Light and Dark”, and “Out of the Darkness” (the third book is out of print, but not quite as hard to find as it had been in previous years). This was the second of the Babylon 5 trilogies that are considered canon.

Tim feels this is the weakest of the trilogies, while Joe feels it’s stronger than most people give it credit for, and one of the strongest franchise series he’s ever read. Discuss amongst yourselves!

Babylon Podcast SE #8: Jeffrey Willerth Remembers Jeff Conaway

For those who hadn’t seen Jeffrey’s heartfelt remembrance of Jeff Conaway, here’s the full video. I don’t think there are many others who could have said it any better.

Babylon Podcast #243: Questions and Answers

Jeffrey shares with us a message about what it meant to him to have had Jeff Conaway in his life for a time.

Listener Feedback: Strangely, Tim adored Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who episode, “The Doctor’s Wife”… to be expected?

Babylon Podcast #237: Ruling From the Tomb (Crusade)

Tim, Summer and Bret discuss “Ruling From the Tomb”, written by Peter David.

Tim has questions about the execution of this episode’s premise. While he’s good with the cropping up of doomsday cults, the abundance of coincidental meetings and convergent threads doesn’t sit well with him.

There are pieces of this episode that were changed or removed between earlier drafts and the final shooting, and details about those are in Crusade: Other Voices, Vol 2, and we can’t wait for Peter David to join us to talk about them.

Babylon Podcast #181: Darkness Ascending (Season 5)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey discuss many of the consquences and the subtexts in “Darkness Ascending”.

We argue for quite a bit about the nature of Garibaldi’s dream, how much was dream and how much was or wasn’t influenced by Lyta’s telepathic curiosity (and whether or not that itself was real or dream), and talk a bit more about Lennier and his mission, and of the telepath DNA deal between Lyta and G’Kar.

Remembering Edward Woodward

Accomplished actor Edward Woodward, best known for his role on the television series, “The Equalizer” has passed away at the age of 79.

Babylon Podcast #141: Interview with Ed Wasser

Interview: It’s the interview almost everyone has been waiting for. Ed Wasser joins us this week, and he tells us how he thinks that the attraction to Morden comes from the undeniable allure of the mystery and the appeal of the bad guy. We also talk about how he came to Babylon 5, and how his asking for a more dangerous part led to him getting the role of Morden, his fan club and convention visits, and more.

The depth and reach of Morden’s plans definitely affects the entire series, even though he was only on screen for 13 episodes. It’s a testament to the writing and the performances that major characters that only appear from time to time can have such a large impact on the overall series story arc.

Babylon Podcast #132: Rumors, Bargains and Lies (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer chat about “Rumors, Bargains and Lies”. Everyone on B5’s playing an angle, but who’s really running the game and who’s being played?