Lois Nettleton, Beyond the Rim

Nettleton is remembered by sci-fi fans as Daggair, the enduring wife of Londo in the highly popular “Babylon 5” television series.

In Memory, Still Bright (redux)

JMS and Warner Bros. have taken the opportunity of THE LOST TALES launch to honor the memories of Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs. There are memorial reminiscences included on the DVD, in addition to the special comic mentioned below. In that spirit, I wanted to let everyone know about, or remind them of, the very […]

Babylon Podcast #39: Interview with Peter Jurasik

Interview: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey enjoy a lively chat with Peter Jurasik. Peter regales us with tales of auditioning for the role, of the evolution of the Centauri hair styling, the costuming and more. He also shares his memories of Andreas’ performances as G’Kar, and the in-costume smoke breaks, and the fun he had in seeing Londo’s prosthetic genitalia paraded around the set for comment and feedback.

Babylon Podcast #35: Remembering Johnny Sekka

Jeffrey, Tim and Summer talk with Patricia Tallman and John Radulovic about their memories of acclaimed actor Johnny Sekka, who portrayed Dr Benjamin Kyle in “The Gathering”, and who passed away on September 14th.

Babylon Podcast #28: Babylon Squared (Season 1)

Tim and Summer’s episode discussion this week is about “Babylon Squared”.

Babylon Podcast #20: Chat with Sandra Bruckner

Tim and Summer find themselves flying without Jeffrey, and Sandra Bruckner joins them for a chat.

Sandra runs the indepth and informative online resource ISN News: The Zocalo Today, currently keeping Babylon 5 fans updated on where their favorite B5 cast and crew members can be found in current projects.

Babylon Podcast #17: Interview with Jason Carter, Part 1 / Believers (Season 1)

Interview: Tim, Summer, and Jeffrey jump into an energetic and entertaining chat with Jason Carter, who brought an extra measure of heart and soul to Babylon 5 with his portrayal of Marcus Cole, the determined but haunted Ranger.

Jason reminisces about how he got to the show, and recounts memories of his good friend, the late Richard Biggs.

Babylon Podcast #7: Bruce Boxleitner / Soul Hunter (Season 1)

Interview: Bruce Boxleitner (“Captain John Sheridan”)

Bruce Boxleitner joins us this week to talk about how it was for him to step into a major role in an already established series, plus his recollections of the series, and of dear friends now passed on.

Next, after a tangent into formulaic Vorlon spinoff possibilities, Tim, Summer and Jeffrey talk about “Soul Hunter”. Jeffrey raises concerns as to why there was no Vorlon in this episode.

Babylon Podcast #4: Patricia Tallman / The Gathering

Interview: Patricia Tallman (“Lyta Alexander”)

Pat talks with us about a vast array of topics, including adapting to Walter Koenig’s pranks, and her fond memories of the late great Andreas Katsulas.

Then, Tim and Summer begin a long discussion about “The Gathering” (Pilot). One long enough that it has “to be continued”, and we end up with another heartfelt honoring of Andreas’ impact on the show and our hearts.

A Great Voice has left us

It was mentioned in comments, but does deserve more of a tribute than a mention. Andreas Katsulas, the actor who brought G’Kar to life through both deliberate actions and memorable words, died from lung cancer on the morning of February 13. His performance as G’Kar was nuanced and masterful, as we saw that character grow […]