Babylon Podcast #161: Interview with J. Michael Straczynski, Part 1

Interview: JMS, The Great Maker, graciously allows Tim and Summer to throw a seemingly endless stream of questions about the origins and creation of Babylon 5, the production and growing pains of the show, and dealing with the vagaries of the industry of Hollywood, the bizarre perfect storm surrounding Crusade on TNT, and more.

Babylon Podcast #156: Interview with Russ Johnson

Interview: We have found the First Vorlon! Russ Johnson, who wore the glide suit during Season 1, before Jeffrey took over the electraglide harness, joins us to reminisce about the early days on set at Babylon 5, and trying to one up each other for… something smelly?

Russ tells us all about the fun he had as part of Optic Nerve, escapades in both the encounter suit and as the drug-dealing cricket in Down Below, having to repeatedly tell TV fans that he was not the actor who played the Professor on Gilligan’s Island, and more.

Babylon Podcast #150: Interview with Stephen Furst

Interview: Stephen Furst joins us to reminisce about directing “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars”… at least, that was the initial plan.

And as we all know, the most entertaining shows always veer off their intended courses… “Babylon 5: The Musical”… ’nuff said!

Stay tuned next week for a super-sized Feedbackapalooza!

Babylon Podcast #148: Babylon 5 Scripts Team

Interview: Captain Jaclyn, Jason Davis and Amy Guskin from the Babylon 5 Scripts Team join us to discuss the new scriptbooks project that’s been kept secret and tightly under wraps until now.

Asked and Answered: JMS answers Thousands of Fan Questions about Babylon 5 is the title of the new series, and it’s an exhaustive compendium of questions ever asked about B5.

Babylon Podcast #147: Interview with Writer Frank Garcia

Interview: We talk with journalist Frank Garcia about his history as a freelance writer for many scifi magazines over the years, and the research that he and Mark Phillips undertook to compile the books Science Fiction Television Series, 1959-1989 and Science Fiction Television Series, 1990-2004.

We talk with Frank about his experience with Babylon 5 and Crusade over the years the show was in production, and the information pulled together for the second volume.

Babylon Podcast #144: Babylon 5 Scripts Team

Interview: Jan Schroeder and Jason Davis of the Babylon 5 Scripts Team join us to talk about the TV Movie Scripts book, and to tease us about a series of mystery books that will be coming our way starting in March.

Jason tells us how he came to the project, and his history of doing JMS interviews; both Jan and Jason talk about the finished movies vs the original scripts and extra materials that paint a different about of the movies, especially “Legend of the Rangers”.

Babylon Podcast #141: Interview with Ed Wasser

Interview: It’s the interview almost everyone has been waiting for. Ed Wasser joins us this week, and he tells us how he thinks that the attraction to Morden comes from the undeniable allure of the mystery and the appeal of the bad guy. We also talk about how he came to Babylon 5, and how his asking for a more dangerous part led to him getting the role of Morden, his fan club and convention visits, and more.

The depth and reach of Morden’s plans definitely affects the entire series, even though he was only on screen for 13 episodes. It’s a testament to the writing and the performances that major characters that only appear from time to time can have such a large impact on the overall series story arc.

Babylon Podcast #136: Babylon 5 Scripts Team

Interview: This week, Tim and Summer talk with Jaclyn and Jan from the Babylon 5 Scripts Project, and by a twist of fate, the date of this interview, October 29th, was the 3rd anniversary of the release of the first scriptbook!

Jaclyn and Jan give us as many details as they can about how this project came about, and the scope of putting something on this scale together, possible future volumes, and much much more!

Babylon Podcast #133: The League of Non-Aligned Knitters

Interview: B5 fans have always been creative. This week, we are happy to introduce you to the “League of Non-Aligned Knitters”… B5 Fans Who Knit.

Tim, Summer, and Jeffrey chat with Catherine, Heather, Laura, Amanda, and Elizabeth about the convergence of Babylon 5 viewing and knitting (and other scifi shows). There are practical applications for scifi fans to know how to knit… you’re going to have to make your own clothing after the zombie apocalyse, ya know.

Babylon Podcast #119: B5 Fan Rescue Efforts

Interview: Amy Guskin joins us to talk about her efforts to organize a group of B5 fans to acquire an original G’Kar mask and donate it to the Museum of the Moving Image in New York.

And you thought the Browncoats were good at organizing rescue efforts…

Babylon Podcast #118: Interview with The great Luke Ski

Interview: We are pleased this week to talk with The great Luke Ski, creator of the new FuMP hit, “No Sleep ’til Babylon”.

Luke tells us about his being a B5 fan, of creating this song and many many others. Luke also tells us about the fundraising drive to help out Tom Smith.

Babylon Podcast #108: Interview with George Johnsen

Interview: This week, George Johnsen, Babylon 5 co-producer (and apparently one of Jeffrey’s cohorts in mischief), at last joins us! We talk to George about the show, including some of the questions sent in by listeners, and the anecdotes and production details are both fascinating and fall-down funny.

Did you know George was also an original Cylon? Summer didn’t, and that just warms her heart.