Babylon Podcast #102: Interview with John Warner, Key Grip

Interview: John Warner, Best Boy and Key Grip on Babylon 5, joins us to talk about his time on set, and making sure everyone’s lit correctly and all the cameras move where they need to, and manipulation of the sets.

So head on down to your nearest production, and if it’s safe to get into the studio, go hug a key grip for all that they do.

Babylon Podcast #83: Interview with Keegan Macintosh (Prince Vintari)

Interview: Keegan Macintosh (Prince Vintari) joins the Babylon Podcast crew for an interview, “confesses” to listening to the show, and moves straight on to mastering the accent, how he got cast as Vintari, and what David Bowie had to do with it.

Babylon Podcast #82: Interview with Peter Woodward (Technomage Galen)

Interview: Peter Woodward joins an excited B5 crew to talk about his Babylon 5 experience, which all began with his being late for an audition for “A Call to Arms”, and how Galen’s enigmatic nature just *is*.

Babylon Podcast #79: The Lost Tales: Over Here, plus Adam Francis and Tim Earls

Interview 1: Adam Francis, production assistant during Season 2, joins us to tell us about how far back his fan interest in Babylon 5 extends, some of the running around he did during his tenure on the show, and more.

Interview 2: Acclaimed conceptual artist Tim Earls rejoins us to give us some of the work he did for “The Lost Tales”, mostly storyboarding for all the scenes and visual effects.

Babylon Podcast #76: Interview with Bruce Boxleitner

Interview: Bruce Boxleitner joins us to talk about his experiences filming The Lost Tales, and doing promotions for it at the adventure now known as Comic-Con.

Babylon Podcast #63: Interview with Author Jeanne Cavelos

Interview: Tim and Summer chat with SF author Jeanne Cavelos about her contributions to the Babylon 5 universe: the novels “The Shadow Within”, and the Passing of the Technomages trilogy.

Babylon Podcast #60: Interview with Conceptual Artist Tim Earls

Interview: Tim, Summer and Jeff talk with conceptual artist Tim Earls and the work he did on Babylon 5 for several seasons.

Babylon Podcast #54: Interview with Maggie Egan

Interview: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey engage in a delightful chat with Maggie Egan, who was the familiar and comforting face of ISN before and after the Clark Administration ran riot over Earth Gov.

Babylon Podcast #45: Interview with Kim Holly, Costume Supervisor

Interview: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey welcome Kim Holly, costume supervisor for the entire series save “The Gathering”. Kim’s work was pivotal in making the look of the uniforms and costumes match up with the creative visions of JMS and Anne Bruice, as well as making them fit all the cast comfortably and colorfully.

Babylon Podcast #42: Stephen Furst, Patricia Tallman

First up, we have Stephen Furst, who’s stopped by to promote his latest directorial project, the new SciFi Channel original movie, “Basilisk”.

Next, Pat Tallman talks a little about her Be A Santa charity, a holiday fundraiser supporting Penny Lane, a Southern California charity providing services and support for children’s social services.

Babylon Podcast #40: Interview with Claudia Christian

Interview: Claudia Christian is only in the US for a short time, and we are giddy that she joins us for a time!

She talks to us about her fond memories of the show, of the mutual on-set fondling, of working with Bill Mumy for various music projects, and much more.

Babylon Podcast #39: Interview with Peter Jurasik

Interview: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey enjoy a lively chat with Peter Jurasik. Peter regales us with tales of auditioning for the role, of the evolution of the Centauri hair styling, the costuming and more. He also shares his memories of Andreas’ performances as G’Kar, and the in-costume smoke breaks, and the fun he had in seeing Londo’s prosthetic genitalia paraded around the set for comment and feedback.