Babylon Podcast #259: Legend of the Rangers (movie)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Jeremy discuss the last Babylon 5 made-for-TV movie, Legend of the Rangers, which aired in January 2002. Yes, ten years ago, people. A treatment for this movie exists in Scriptbook Volume 10, and the full script is in the TV Movies scriptbook, so compare and contrast at your leisure.

Let the nitpicking begin: there aren’t many real issues with the actual story, just some execution miscues.

Babylon Podcast #211: A Call to Arms (Movie)

Tim and Summer delve into “A Call to Arms”, and amongst other things, talk about how the movie functions as a standalone movie rather than direct pilot for the new series, argue back and forth about some of the character development and interactions, speculate broadly on newly interpreted happenings and how they might have influenced things during later Crusade episodes that we never got, and much more.

Babylon Podcast #202: River of Souls (Movie)

Summer wishes that we’d had more of a heads-up about Amazon’s $100 sale on all 5 seasons of Babylon 5, so that we could encourage a buying frenzy and start an entirely new round of Deep Geeking on the series. Anything we can do to keep the podcast going.

At a recent Orange County Screenwriters event, JMS stated that both he and WB are interested in doing a 20th anniversary story for 2013… so let the feeding frenzy begin.

Babylon Podcast #195: Thirdspace (Movie)

Tim, Summer and Bret weigh in on “Thirdspace”, the good the bad and the ugly of the movie. One of the TNT projects, it was much anticipated, but contained a few more warts than the die-hard B5 fans had become accustomed to over the previous seasons.

Babylon Podcast #192: In the Beginning (Movie)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer, Bret, Jeffrey, and Chuck discuss “In the Beginning”, the first of the Babylon 5 TV movies, and how it functions as a vehicle to introduce the series to a brand new audience coming in via TNT, and to the existing fans who may not have been able to see all of the previous four seasons due to inconsistencies in syndicated broadcast times.

Babylon Podcast #143: Between The Darkness and The Light (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer discuss “Between The Darkness and The Light”, the episode which marks a significant turning point in the war to take back Earth from Clark’s forces.

The morale hit taken by Sheridan’s capture is turned around by them breaking him out and rescuing him, and by the White Star fleet’s destruction of Earth’s advanced, Shadow-tech cruisers.

Is this the first glimpse we see of Lyta’s steps towards her dark, angry side?

Babylon Podcast #139: The Exercise of Vital Powers (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer discuss “The Exercise of Vital Powers”, and Tim continues to exercise his right to vital puns.

Summer’s appreciation of this episode comes from the complete break from what had been the traditional storytelling style in the series, and diving into old school hard-boiled pulp detective thriller territory. From Garibaldi’s opening monologue, through his working for the power player who’s suspiciouly far beyond his usual clientele, to his having to resist the damsel in distress who almost always lures the private eye to his doom… this episode is all pulp, all the time.

Babylon Podcast #129: Lines of Communication (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Brad chat about “Lines of Communication”. The funny thing is, Tim has no recollection of seeing this episode ever before. There must be a rogue PsiCop around doing mind wipes, because it’s very very hard to forget the dancing Drakh scene.

We discuss the influence the bombardment of anti-B5 propaganda on Sheridan’s state of mind, the repurposing of the War Room, and the urgent need of Delenn’s intercession on Minbari affairs, which have deteriorated since her dissolution of the Grey Council, and the connections Frankling and Marcus are making on Mars.

Babylon 5 Promos from TNT

I happened to find a handful of the videos that were the TNT promos for Babylon 5. These were probably already available elsewhere on the web, but if it’s new to you, then by all means, Enjoy! “In The Beginning” promos B5 promos

The Lost Tales: Los Angeles Release Event

Los Angeles Event!! For those lucky B5 fans in the Los Angeles area, on Tuesday July 31 at the Best Buy in West Hollywood, there will be cast members in store, doing a release party and signing. The Best Buy is at 1015 N. La Brea Blvd, West Hollywood CA 10038, and Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy […]

Lost Tales CGI, Part 3

TLT, -1 day The CG Society has released Part 3 of their “Lost Tales” production diary. Page One shows off some familiar ships in their new hi-res glory, plus Sheridan’s new flagship, IA-1. Also, more on the expanded docking bay. Page Two does contain a plot spoiler, as it continues the montage of the New […]

JMS speaks! (and don’t forget Franke)

It’s 12 minutes of teasers for “Lost Tales”, how B5 changed TV, JMS’ favorite sci-fi shows, both US and British, and much more.