The Babylon 5 Scripts/Books Team announces an end to publishing

For a brief moment in time (8 years actually since the project started) we were given new B5 material to enjoy, argue about and commiserate with. The books became invaluable aides as our discussions went on over the years ( in Tim’s case, on and on…).  The Script Books, Other Voices, the Chronologies and even the […]

Crusade: Other Voices, Vol 2

This release completes the 2-volume CRUSADE: OTHER VOICES series.

If this book weren’t already titled CRUSADE: OTHER VOICES, we could have named it “THE LOST TALES” because this volume includes THREE never-before-published CRUSADE scripts

Crusade: Other Voices, Vol 1

What can you expect to find inside CRUSADE: OTHER VOICES VOLUME 1?

A brand new CRUSADE adventure in a never-before-seen — or even known about — SECOND SEASON script (What second season? That’s our point!). This script was discovered in 2010, 11 years after it was written.

Oh, did we mentioned that said script was written by Peter Woodward –as in the fabulous British actor who portrayed Galen the techno-mage?

Babylon Podcast SE #7: Crusade: Other Voices, Vol 1

The Babylon 5 Scripts Team sent Tim and Summer a surprise this week, and just around the same time that they are releasing this latest scriptbook into the wild, you can hear us give you a sneak peek into the book’s contents.

B5 Script Books Lottery

Apparently, the increasing value of the Babylon 5 scriptbooks keeps causing a ruckus, and The Team is doing something about it, while they can.

That’s why they’re holding a Script Books Series Lottery — to make available as many full sets of the script books as they have left.

Babylon Podcast #219: Racing the Night (Crusade)

Tim and Summer are joined by The Jason Davis to talk about the adventure that was the records excavation that became the new volume “Artifacts from Beyond the Rim”.

Deep Geeking: The year we really did finally make it to Crusade.

Going by the revised broadcast order, our first Crusade episode to geek on is “Racing the Night”, and Jason joins us for the analysis.

Artifacts from Beyond the Rim

This is a limited edition book. It is only available for ninety days. After January 20, 2011 this book in both the black cover and the white will never be available again. Ever.

Crusade: What the Hell Happened, Vol 1

Inside CRUSADE: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? Volume One’s 402 pages, you will find: J. Michael Straczynski’s introduction, revealing– * The first part of what the hell really did happen to CRUSADE, in Straczynskian detail, chronicling what he describes as the “birth, short life and long painful death” of the series. * How he nearly wandered […]

Holy Cow! More Crusade!

I just read the announcement at B5 Books, saying that the Crusade: What the Hell Happened? books are finally coming our way, with Volume 1 releasing on August 25… Then, I read the good part: “Why,” you inquire, “is this a FOUR-volume series when we were promised THREE in the introduction to CRUSADE: BEHIND THE […]

Babylon Podcast #190: Crusade: Behind the Scenes

Interview: The Jason Davis, Senior Editor at Synthetic Worlds Publishing, chats with Tim, Summer, and Bret about Crusade: Behind the Scenes, which is available for purchase right now at Babylon 5 Books.

Crusade: Behind the Scenes

It’s here. The entire behind-the-scenes story of Crusade as told by the actors and crew…while the show was actually filming.

From the first frame of film until the last, these cast and crew interviews occurred “as-it-happened” so they are free of any revisionism. Nothing is forgotten. No detail spared.

Asked & Answered, Part 5

The long-awaited Asked & Answered Part 5, the fifth and final book of the Asked & Answered series, has arrived. Packed with 1,301 questions, Part 5 has the most questions asked (and answered) of any book in the 5 book series.

Picking up where Part 4 left off, Part 5’s questions and answers are all related to the specifics of each episode and movie, starting with Season 2 (Season 1 was the final section of Part 4) and continuing through “The Lost Tales: Voices in the Dark.”