Neil Armstrong, astronaut, dies at age 82

It is with great sadness that the Babylon Podcast shares the news of Neil Armstrong’s passing on Saturday, August 25, 2012. A good, brief write-up about Neil can be found at Spaceflight Now.

Babylon Podcast #271: The Shadow Within

Deep Geeking: The Shadow Within is Book #7 in the original series of novels, and the other of the two from that series that have been acknowledged as canon.

Talk about this book delves deeply into Anna’s story, and into the character and motivations of Morden, of the Psi Corps mission to eliminate a threat to the telepaths, and how these events mesh into the main Babylon 5 storyline as a whole.

Babylon Podcast #269: Chatting about Babylon 5 Novels, #1-6, 8

Deep Geeking: Discussions begin with the Babylon 5 novels… the books, the books, the books! Where to begin with the commentary and the criticism?

Much of the dissatisfaction that we feel with these books likely comes from a combination of the main characters authentic voices being slightly off, plus the impression that the events of the books didn’t matter, that they fell into the trap of hitting the “reset” button after the end of the “episode”, which is one of the things that we loved about Babylon 5 that the various Star Trek series couldn’t adhere to most of the time.

editor’s note: And yes, Summer made an error, the novelization that JMS rejected way back when was the one for “River of Souls”, not for “Thirdspace”

Babylon Podcast #257: Feedbackapalooza

It’s been way too quiet on the Babylon 5 front AND the Crusasde Script Books front. What’s going on?

Feedbackapalooza Time!

Also, folks preparing to review and discuss the comics and novels with us (or for us), get ready… your turn will be coming up soon!

Babylon Podcast #246: Interview with Tucker Smallwood

Tim and Summer enjoy a chat with renowned character actor Tucker Smallwood, who played Mr David Endawi in the S3 episode “Matters of Honor”, and Commodore Glen Van Ross in Space: Above and Beyond.

Tucker talks about war as used in science fiction and his being a fan of science fiction literature growing up, and how his experience as an infantry commander in Vietnam informed his work and contributions to Space: Above and Beyond. He also talks about studying acting after being severely wounded, about struggling with and working through PTSD years after the fact, and more.

Babylon Podcast #241: Interview with Peter and Kathleen David

Tim, Summer and Bret chat with Peter David and Kathleen David, with Peter telling us about how he got into writing episodes for the show, how he needed to divert from “writing for Star Trek” in order to get the Babylon 5 feel correct in the episodes and the novels, finding character voices, and more.

Kathleen talks a little about logistics behind getting the Del Rey B5 novels published, from author selection to publishing schedule and more.

And there’s stuff people STILL can’t talk about, even after all this time.

Babylon Podcast #229: The Palooza of Wine and Candy

Summer has Stone Levitation, Bret has Jack Daniels and Diet Coke, and Tim is drinking red wine and eating M&Ms. That explains a lot about Tim, doesn’t it?

It’s Feedback Time

Babylon Podcast #207: Law and Justice in Babylon 5

This episode is all about the justice, law, and the legal system as portrayed on Babylon 5, and how much it did or didn’t influence the story as a whole.

Babylon Podcast #198: Feedbackapalooza V1

Since we are an equal opportunity platform for B5 Geeking, we are planning an all-girls “Men of Babylon 5” (from here on out to be called the B5 Beefcake episode). Well, Bret may join in, too, because he’s got an equal opportunity pleasure threshold.

Listener Feedback: Tim, Summer, Jeffrey and Bret lend their expertise and their podcast-juice filled opinions to the many voicemails that have been waiting for us.

Babylon Podcast #195: Thirdspace (Movie)

Tim, Summer and Bret weigh in on “Thirdspace”, the good the bad and the ugly of the movie. One of the TNT projects, it was much anticipated, but contained a few more warts than the die-hard B5 fans had become accustomed to over the previous seasons.

Babylon Podcast #188: Interview with Jerry Doyle

Interview: Jerry Doyle stops by to chat with Tim, Summer, and Bret about his time on Babylon 5 and his memories of working on the series, his new career as a talk show host, his observations on the political and financial state of the country, and his new book Have You Seen My Country Lately?

Babylon Podcast #181: Darkness Ascending (Season 5)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey discuss many of the consquences and the subtexts in “Darkness Ascending”.

We argue for quite a bit about the nature of Garibaldi’s dream, how much was dream and how much was or wasn’t influenced by Lyta’s telepathic curiosity (and whether or not that itself was real or dream), and talk a bit more about Lennier and his mission, and of the telepath DNA deal between Lyta and G’Kar.