Babylon Podcast #45: Interview with Kim Holly, Costume Supervisor

Welcome to Show #45!

Interview: Kim Holly, Costume Supervisor

Kim Holly, Costume Supervisor

After relaying some updated “Lost Tales” news, Tim, Summer and Jeffrey welcome Kim Holly, costume supervisor for the entire series save “The Gathering”. Kim’s work was pivotal in making the look of the uniforms and costumes match up with the creative visions of JMS and Anne Bruice, as well as making them fit all the cast comfortably and colorfully.

Kim tells us about the creative process behind designing and piecing together the various costumes for the different races seen on the show, about the complaints about the original Earthforce uniforms, of the special designs for Michael York and Wayne Alexander, of the amusement from poking Jeff Conaway with a needle on camera, and more.

Listener Feedback: We revel in another B5 Haiku from Hilary; Trampas from The Signal chimes in with the suggestion that Jedi are telepathic enough, and that the Shadows wouldn’t get along with Darth Vader, which leads to a tangent on Huttese; Jarsto expounds on the quality and quantity of his voicemails, and one reason why the Shadow vessels didn’t bother destroying Keffer’s Starfury; Jarsto again, with a new B5 Haiku. In email, Gabriel disagrees with Tim on the myth vs tech argument; Miles adds to the comments on the inclusion of technomages in the B5 universe.

We so need a B5 holiday season collection of quotes and song variations.

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We are still considering doing a separate B5 Fan Tales segment in the future, so send us those favorite anecdotes of yours.

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  1. Oh come all ye Rangers,
    Boneheads, Men and Strangers
    Oh come ye, oh come ye
    to Coriana 6
    Bring bogus files,
    let the Shadows ta-ake you
    Oh come ye and fake out them
    We’ve got some warheads for them,
    Oh come ye and get fried, then
    It’s Sheridan’s plan

    Oh come all ye First Ones,
    Kinfolk of Ol’ Lorien,
    Oh come ye, O come ye,
    and sa-ave our butts.
    Kick out the Vorlons,
    Take the Shadows wi-th you.
    No Giants in the playground
    The Young Ones are now unbound
    No Giants in the playground
    We’re First ones now.

  2. Hey I’m willing to purchase a smartpop collection on B5, hell I’d buy anything B5 related thats new.

  3. JMS’s personal pictures from the set of the Lost Tales

  4. OK, here’s the other one…..
    I promise not to finish “Koshy the Vorlon” 🙂

    Oh, the Vorlons outside are frightening,
    And Kosh is not enlightening,
    Who asks us just “Who are You?”
    Vorlons do, Vorlons do, Vorlons do.
    Say we really don’t know for certain,
    what’s behind that shower curtain.
    They’re probably munching spoo,
    Vorlons do, Vorlons do, Vorlons do.

    When I suddenly was a Teep,
    Oh I ask how did I get that way?
    I learned to scan mundanes deep,
    You messed with my own DNA!

    They speak in words confusing,
    like ganja smoker’s musing.
    Who speak in a strange haiku?
    Vorlons do, Vorlons do, Vorlons do.

    When I suddenly was a Teep,
    Oh, I ask how did I get that way?
    I learned to scan mundanes deep,
    you messed with my own DNA!

    The avalanche now is rolling,
    it’s too late for pebbles polling.
    I don’t know just why that’s true,
    Vorlons do, Vorlons do, Vorlons do.

  5. LOL! You know, I hate Christmas. But the B5 Xmas carols (and Aimee Mann’s CD) are making it bearable. Kosh bless us. Kosh bless us everyone.

  6. Well, Tim…

    This one’s for you: YouTube: Carol of the Old Ones

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