Babylon Podcast #246: Interview with Tucker Smallwood

Tim and Summer enjoy a chat with renowned character actor Tucker Smallwood, who played Mr David Endawi in the S3 episode “Matters of Honor”, and Commodore Glen Van Ross in Space: Above and Beyond.

Tucker talks about war as used in science fiction and his being a fan of science fiction literature growing up, and how his experience as an infantry commander in Vietnam informed his work and contributions to Space: Above and Beyond. He also talks about studying acting after being severely wounded, about struggling with and working through PTSD years after the fact, and more.

Babylon Podcast #241: Interview with Peter and Kathleen David

Tim, Summer and Bret chat with Peter David and Kathleen David, with Peter telling us about how he got into writing episodes for the show, how he needed to divert from “writing for Star Trek” in order to get the Babylon 5 feel correct in the episodes and the novels, finding character voices, and more.

Kathleen talks a little about logistics behind getting the Del Rey B5 novels published, from author selection to publishing schedule and more.

And there’s stuff people STILL can’t talk about, even after all this time.

Babylon Podcast #240: Interview with Pat Tallman

Tim, Summer and Bret chat with Pat Tallman, mostly about the Lyta Alexander Favorites Poll, how the poll came about, and maybe even a hint about an upcoming book from our friends at

Seriously, who doesn’t like seeing chicks kicking butt?

Babylon Podcast #239: Interview with Carrie Dobro

Summer and Gary chat with Carrie Dobro (Dureena Nafeel)!

Carrie talks about how much fun she’d had on the show, the challenges of her costume and her contact lenses, about the possible character development paths that Dureena might have gone on with both Galen and Gideon, and much much more.

Babylon Podcast #235: Interview with Marjean Holden

Tim and Summer chat with Marjean Holden, our honorary co-host for this episode!

Marjean talks about her ventures into writing for television and film, her love of the science fiction genre, the anticipation of experiencing Crusade‘s story shift after they’d found the cure but would be chased down to prevent them from distributing it, and the loss of not being able to follow and finish that story.

Let’s start the rumor mill ourselves: Marjean Holden is on board for that secret Crusade miniseries project!

Babylon Podcast #233: Interview with David Allen Brooks

Tim and Summer chat with David Allen Brooks, about how he got into acting, how he approached the character of Max Eilerson, the research into being a scientist and archaeologist, the differences he observed between working on a science fiction drama compared to “just another” police procedural, the fans of Max, where Max’s story arc might have taken him, and much more.

Babylon Podcast #201: Interview with Leslie Erganian (Prop Designer)

Leslie Erganian, artist and prop designer for Season 1, joins us to talk about the scrounging and other creative solutions that went into creating many of the iconic props seen in Season 1.

Leslie talks about the craft behind making such items as the Grey Council staff, the translator, Adira’s star laces, the statue of the Li, the Centauri Goddess of Passion, and many more items, including the phenomenon of bilateral symmetry in the alien races, and the utensil challenges that not having it can cause at Craft Services.

Babylon Podcast #188: Interview with Jerry Doyle

Interview: Jerry Doyle stops by to chat with Tim, Summer, and Bret about his time on Babylon 5 and his memories of working on the series, his new career as a talk show host, his observations on the political and financial state of the country, and his new book Have You Seen My Country Lately?

Babylon Podcast #179: Interview with Brad Dourif

Interview: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey chat with Brad Dourif, his role as Brother Edward in “Passing Through Gethsemane”, and scifi and horror in general.

Brad reminisces about his time on the show, and tells us how much of a fan he was of the show back then, and much more.

Babylon Podcast #178: Chat with Troy Rutter

Interview: Tim and Summer chat with Troy Rutter, the original Babylon 5 website wrangler, and more!

Troy tells us about the history of the Official B5 website, and his involvement from “The Gathering” on forward, including some rare early promotional items and online goodies, and the birth of “A Very Drazi Christmas”.

Babylon Podcast #172: Interview with Artist Gary Hasson

Interview: Gary Hasson of Lightspeed Fine Art joins us to chat about how his involvement with scifi television and Babylon 5. He’s done art for Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Xena, Hercules, Farscape, BSG, and many more as well.

Babylon Podcast #162: Interview with J. Michael Straczynski, Part 2

In this hour, JMS talks more with Tim and Summer about the development of Babylon 5 and the pros and cons of continuing or expanding the series, the real reason for putting his foot down on “big budget or nothing”, the broader realities of the hammer lock of Warner Bros has on any future “expanded universe” properties, and more.